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Our Suites, Penthouses, and Lofts

  • high quality equipped apartments in various sizes that can include a children’s room, guest room or even a Home Office.
  • all Lofts, Suites and Penthouses are equipped with ISDN and Satellite TV.
  • a high degree of privacy in a ‘house in house’ concept – shut off by a massive and secure front door all apartments have a private balcony or terrace giving them access to the outside
  • built in 2003 in accordance with the latest standards ensuring state of the art sound and thermal insulation (solid and soundproofed brick design, and soundproofed windows and doors)

High-level residence on a short term lease

mjz Executive Living sets a new standard for comfortable and high quality rental
apartments. If you are a business traveller searching for a fully furnished apartment
for a month or longer that can cater for you and your family then we would be happy
to tailor something to your needs. Located in a peaceful setting, outside of the city with
uninterrupted views and plenty of fresh air.

Comfort and Service

mjz Executive Living combines comfort, service and independence in a flexible
tenancy – uncomplicated, with no notice periods or agency fees.

The best infrastructure in every respect

Hallbergmoos provides an exceptionally rich infrastructure for every day needs.
Restaurants, supermarkets, banks, bakers, doctors, travel agent and hairdressers are all
available on your doorstep.

Convenient for both the City and the Airport

mjz Executive Living lies conveniently near to the airport yet in a quiet location with the
best transport links.