Buildings and Property


The first building was opened in 2003 and built by latest standards regarding sound proofing and  thermal insulation.

Noise control refers not only to the solid and soundproof brick masonry,  soundproof windows and massive doors but extends into many more details.

The entrance doors makes each apartment accessible from the outside which eliminates  the need for loud hall stairs and and the doors provide more security.

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The new mjz Executive Living suites, lofts and penthouses have added significant benefits,  such as WLAN in each suite, active air control, elevator, extended satellite TV, safety doors and an environmentally friendly energy concept.

We have set new standards for the architecture, material choice, comfort and space concept as well as in the use of energy, data and communication technology.

In the 2500 sqm large garden, you can enjoy BBQ evenings, volleyball, badminton or just simply relax under one of our chestnut trees which form the boundary between our garden and the neighboring horse paddock.

Parents with small children will appreciate that a fence encloses the whole garden, which includes swings and a slide. Also during the summer months, you may help yourselves to fruit from our cherry, pear and apple trees.

Many commodities have been added to the lofts, suites and penthouses:

  • High quality and exclusive furnishings
  • Box spring beds
  • Stylish ambience in all rooms
  • All rooms have a balcony or patio
  • High security access standards
  • VIP elevator to the Executive Suites
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Private postal address
  • Modern office technology such as DSL, satellite TV
  • WLAN – every unit has its own IP address and Internet access

Above all, many extra services can be arranged.

The new energy concept

Hydroelectricity forms part of the renewable or regenerative energy sources and is therefore an important constituent of the energy revolution.

The hydroelectricity station EW1 in Oberding is one of five power stations of the E-Werk Schweiger oHG. About 1700 average households can be provided with electricity on a resource-saving basis by these five power stations. Executive Living GmbH obtains ecological and environmentally friendly power from E-Werk Schweiger.

Block heat and power plant »green energy production«

Our own block heat and power plant is a modular constructed facility to produce electrical energy and heat. Any unused power generated is for example temporarily stored in special batteries and not used until it is -needed. A new photovoltaic facility has also been installed, where we can use, save and regulate solar energy intelligently with our “sun battery“. Energy saving electrical equipment and LED lights ensure the highly efficient handling of valuable energy – as does the high quality heat insulation in the building and the automatic room ventilation.

Living in Hallbergmoos

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